Jesus, Hear me

Jesus, I know you hear me. You hear my heart. There’s so much I want to say to you. Hear me tonight. You know my desires, you know my struggles. You know where I’ve been and where you have for me to go. Jesus, you are my Desire. Please come and save my life. You know that I need You, and I hear you calling me back, drawing me closer to you. You know how far I’ve strayed and what it’ll take to bring me back. I don’t know how I got sucked up into this life and this lie again. I know that there is so much more ahead of me. You did not call me into this life of living on “the Fence”. You did not call me into “Destruction and Despair”. I pray that you help me, to lead me out. Bring me back into your fold. Loosen the chains that are trying to hold on to me. Remove every stronghold in my heart and in my life.