I'm a Survivor

For so many years I let myself be defined by the things I’ve survived. I gave my abusers the ability to tell me I was worthless, that I can never believe in my dreams, that I will never be more than a body to be used and abused. I let them take my dignity and my self worth. I started to believe those lies. I built up walls and defense mechanisms to numb and lessen the pain. I smiled, and acted tough, but inside I was wounded and bruised. I didn’t know my worth.
But I KNOW now  who and WHOSE I am. I am not my past. I am not those things that have been done to me. I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made. I have a purpose and am loved beyond measure. 
You are not what had happened to you! Start smiling. For after the rain is the rainbow, and you, Love, are the pot of gold!