Reasons why

You speak with elegance and authority, with grace and wisdom.
Not as one with limited knowledge, but as a man with years of pain and beauty.  
Your hands tell a story of mystery and adventure.  Rough and calloused,  yet able to show so much love and sensitivity.  
You are strong and gentle; able to command authority and respect, yet never demanding and with misplaced power. 
Your lips taste like marmalade.  Sweet like raspberries and spicy like habaneros.  They make me dance in my seat at the thought of tasting them all my days.
You press into me with a firm grasp and demand attention, and my resolve fades away at the power of your touch.
You speak with spiritual authority… a leader with Godly wisdom.  Slow and thoughtful are your words. Not rushing in your thoughts, but letting each word be a reflection of the man you were called to be.
You know the wisdom behind having a Godly relationship and won’t settle for less. You know the value of being lead by the Spirit to seek wisdom in the choices you make. 
You have not let your past dictate your future but have pushed ahead with determination to make a better life for you and yours. Full of ambition and drive, never stopping to be what and where you desire. 
You don’t seek just someone to fill your bed, but seek after a partner to share life with. Your ride or die, your Queen.
From the moment I met you, I knew that I loved you. I knew I wanted to love you more. I want to share your dreams and desires,  your accomplishments and failures. I want to push you to keep going when life gets hard. I want to be your safe place… the one you turn to when things get tough. The hiding place for your thoughts and desires. The one you can’t wait to come home to at night, because you know I’ll always have your back.
And when that day comes that we say forever,  I promise with all of my being to never let you go, never let you wonder, and never let you wander.

These are the reasons why I know that I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.  
~Christina M Gerlach  ’18