Purpose Prayer

Purpose you say? I have one. We all do. 
Struggling everyday to find what it is. Searching, longing. Praying, thinking.
I know You’ve created me for a Purpose, for such a time as this, God.
Yet, I’m lost. I’m confused. I feel my soul searching, my heart yearning for more.
My desires to do something different than what I’m doing in life, are strong. Like the FORCE.
But I have no direction. I have no real dreams, plans, or paths to follow.
They say follow your likes, follow your talents. But I have none. None that I know.
What am I good at? What drives me? God, I don’t know! Show me my path. Show me the reason You have me here. What have you set aside for ME to do in this life?
Others know from the time that they are young, others know when they are older. 
I’m searching God. I KNOW that there is more than THIS. But WHAT?
You say you will give Wisdom to those who ask in faith, and you won’t withhold it. 
God, I’m asking!
I believe you have a Plan for me! I believe Your word that Your thoughts are higher than mine, and Your ways are better than mine.
I believe when Your Word says you are Preparing a place for me, that you have ordered my steps. Please, God, Don’t stay silent any longer. Show me Your Plan. 
Just a Glimpse.
Just a Taste.
Help me not to feel useless in this life. Show me why I’m here. Show me my talents, and place YOUR desires in my heart, so mine will align with Yours.
Purpose. I have one. Now, just show me what it is, God, I’m Yours!

-Christina M Gerlach ’18

  1. 1.
    the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
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