You know too

Broken.  Yes, I am broken in heart, mind, and body.

I have been used and abused. I have been betrayed and forgotten. I’ve had my innocence ripped out from the core of my being. My dreams, crushed, stolen, shattered. My future thrown into the fire. I’ve had my home ripped out from under my feet because of the sins of another.
But YOU see my brokenness and you tell me I am WORTH it. You see my body broken, beaten, and bruised, and you gave me yours instead. You too were beaten and abused, betrayed and forgotten by those who were supposed to love and protect you.  You know my struggles and my past. You’ve been there too.
You say that you will restore my innocence if I come to you as a child. You say you have Plans for me, to give me hope and a future. You say that you will never leave me nor forget me. You say that I have a home. And that you are preparing it for me. You say that I cannot even begin to imagine the things that you have in store for me. You say that even when I can’t seem to find you, after I have been tried and tested, I will shine like gold.
So, I trust you.
-Christina M Gerlach ’18